An article written in the Daily Mirror about the work that BAAM does in managing anger, proved essential in saving Shaun and Luciana Parker’s marriage.

Shaun and Luciana were a week away from the final proceedings of their divorce.  After attending couples counselling, they made one last effort, and Shaun signed up to an intensive three-day individual anger ­management therapy course at BAAM.

When he returned from the course Luciana noticed calmness about him that she had never experienced before.  Some of the techniques that Linda Bolland, BAAM Franchisee, introduced to Shaun were techniques that could be used to express his anger in a clean and healthy way.  One of the main tips in doing this is by listening to what your partner has to say.

Read the article to find out about 5 tips to how to manage your anger, and hopefully, as in the case of Luciana and Shaun, save your marriage!


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