BA1 (1)
Beating Anger One : 10 Week Programme

This course is designed for anyone interested in exploring and understanding their anger, as well as discovering the necessary tools to safely manage and transform their anger effectively….Read More

BA2 (1)
Beating Anger Two : Weekend Intensive

Beating Anger 1 and 2 are essentially the same programme, simply structured differently to meet the requirements of individuals in different circumstances. Those who are unable to attend the 10-week programme, have the opportunity of completing the programme over a weekend…Read More

Calming Strategies
BAAM presents it’s latest One-Day Course* designed with you in mind. Learn to manage disagreements, strong feelings and develop advanced communication skills with the aim to create calm in your life….. Read More
Initial Assessments & One to One Counselling 
Your anger is expensive. It could cost you your job, your friends and your self respect. We at BA-AM specialise in helping people deal with emotional issues in as little as 14 weeks… Read More
Understanding Anger for Parents
In today’s stressful and busy world of uncompromising work schedules and relentless frustrations more and more people are finding it difficult to cope, so for parents it’s even more of a task!… Read More

Enough is Enough : A programme for those living in a verbally or emotionally abusive relationship

This is a ground breaking course designed to empower those suffering another’s anger. It will give you the knowledge, time and space to make crucial decisions that could save you a lot of pain and may save our relationship. Read More

Court Reports

One of most common forms of court reports is linked to the Family Court. A court report could be written by an Anger Management Specialist about what they think is the best course of action to take to support the person with the anger problem… Read More

Beating Stress

This one day course is designed to meet the needs of those that recognise the presence of stress in their lives and wish to take steps to deal with it. Anyone that recognises the relationship between stress and conflict will understand that this is a great way taking preventative action. Given our expertise in our field you would expect we would come at this from a unique perspective and we do… Read More

Refresher Days

Past participants describe the Refresher day as an integration and deepening of the material learnt from past programmes. They have also said that learning about ‘golden shadows’ has increased their understanding of ‘dark shadows”… Read More

Organisational Development

We offer bespoke programmes to private and public organisations, which can be held at our premises or at any designated venue…. Read More

Educational Development

Over the years our programmes have been developed to assist with understanding anger in students, dealing with unruly or aggressive pupils or their parents and supporting staff in dealing with the pressures and stresses of the demanding education system. If you don’t see a programme we already run that meets your specific needs ask us about developing a programme for you….. Read More

Introductory Evenings

A two-hour Introductory taster of Anger Management with time for questions and answers… Read More

Session Via Skype

We are now able to offer online anger management counselling & coaching using the Skype Video technology… Read More