Understanding Anger for Teachers, Mentors and Parents

In today’s stressful and busy world of uncompromising work schedules and relentless frustrations, more and more people are finding it difficult to cope. So, for parents and teachers it’s even more of a task!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to:

• Rediscover the joy of relating to and educating young people.

• Enjoy stress free time at home and in the classroom.

• Make your personal and professional life less of a battle.

• Support and encourage children to grow up less angry.

ChildrenThe British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) has found that more and more carers and educators of children are seeking to learn how to deal with the anger and conflict they observe in children and young adults. BAAM knows that anger is here to stay and it does not go away until we actually deal with it constructively and creatively. We also know that anger is an excellent indicator that tells us that something is not quite right in our relationships. By avoiding dealing with these issues, we create more and more disharmony in our families and professional environments.

This workshop is for Teachers, Mentors and Parents who want to:

• Learn how to deal with the anger they observe in children and young people.

• Understand more about anger and avoid some of the pitfalls in caring and educating others.

• Want to develop skills to face challenging issues and manage them creatively.

• Create a safer place for yourself and the children in your charge.

Facing challenging issues will increase your self-esteem and benefit the cohesion in your classroom and family.

By attending this one-day programme you will learn:

• What anger is and is not

• The source and origins of your anger

• What makes you angry and what makes children in your charge angry

• How to reduce stress instantly

• Identify your key stressors and how to reduce them in three easy steps

• How to deal with the destructive force of anger and use it as a transformative power

• Your anger style as well as those around you.

• How to resolve conflict in five easy steps.

• How anger causes power struggles – Games that children, parents and teachers play.

• Rules for managing anger.

• How to Increase children’s self esteem and learn what children need.

When life is out of balance and you are under resourced, it’s usually then that children become unmanageable.

We will teach you simple re-sourcing techniques that will help bring you back into balance, calm, and help you get the results you want from children and young people.

Once a more intimate environment is created, children feel safer and become more responsive and co-operative.

We will teach you to recognise what anger style you use, why you use it and then offer you alternative choices that will be more effective for communicating with everyone, not just children.

children2By discovering your own anger style you will be able to deal more effectively with the anger of others.

Once you recognise what anger is not, you can then take clear steps in being assertive instead of resorting to aggressive or passive-aggressive behaviour.

We will teach you to express anger in a clear, constructive way, whereby children will listen and respect your feelings and wishes.

You will be able to teach the same to the children you care for.

Children can feel very misunderstood at home and at school because their emotional needs are not being met.

You will discover just how simple it is to meet a child’s needs without compromising your role, position or authority.

Often adults mistake confidence for self-esteem.

This one-day workshop will help you to differentiate between the two.

By learning to meet your esteem needs you will be able to meet your students’ and children’s needs.

If a child does not have clear boundaries and healthy emotional role models, they begin to play up and act out, these become power struggles.

As you learn about the rules for managing anger, you will appreciate the common sense, no nonsense approach and if applied in daily life they will, with immediate effect, reduce the amount of arguments, fights and stressors in your dealings with children and young people.


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