Duration: 1 Day
Times: Variable depending on clinic location
Fee: £145.00
Venue: Determined by your selected clinic location.
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This one day course is designed to meet the needs of those that recognise the presence of stress in their lives and wish to take steps to deal with it.
Anyone that recognises the relationship between stress and conflict will understand that this is a great way taking preventative action.


Given our expertise in our field you would expect we would come at this from a unique perspective and we do.

Are you…..

  • Finding it difficult to concentrate?
  • Finding issues continually taking up head space?
  • Continually fearing the worst?
  • Having memory lapses?
  • Drinking or smoking or eating more?
  • Suffering headaches, muscle pains or stomach problems?
  • Having trouble sleeping?

Any of these issues can be associated with stress and you may recognise one or more of these in your life. Working or living under continual stress is not healthy and it is one of the major issues of this century.

BA-AM has always dealt with stress as part our Anger Management programmes. Over the last year we experienced an increasing number of enquiries from organisations to deliver stress related programmes which caused us to put this new, cutting edge programme together.

There are a lot of stress courses available out there. What makes this one so special?

As with our Beating Anger course, Beating Stress combines sound educational and informational materials with some profound personal development and practical tools. More specifically, the training focuses on individual’s self esteem; pressure becomes stress when self esteem begins to undermine our confidence, telling us we can’t manage. As stress is the tipping point which occurs when demands on us exceed our ability to cope with them, it is easy to imagine how fragile self esteem can result in stress.

On this course you will learn….

  • The relationship between pressure, stress and self esteem
  • What happens inside you when you get stressed
  • The 5 anchor points that stress uses to stick to you
  • Our revolutionary thought process to deal with your stress
  • What self esteem means to you
  • Our revolutionary process for dealing with your self esteem.

StressExperts is now offering a one-day course within an organisational setting as well as public courses which can be delivered through you and on your behalf.

We recently conducted a workplace stress survey and how stress affects your performace and productivity at work as well as your personal lives.

80% experiencing stress in the workplace

over 50% citing overwork as a cause

49% also cited not enough support

46% too much pressure.

What is really interesting is the resultant behaviour and the effects this stress has on the respondents.

Click to download the statistics for “Stress In The Workplace”