Clinic Location
1 Bath
2 Birmingham
3 Brighton
4 Dartford
5 Colchester
6 Derby
7 Bournemouth
8 Edinburgh
9 Glasgow
10 Guildford
11 Harrow
12 Leeds
13 Liverpool
14 London
15 Manchester
16 Newcastle
17 Redditch
18 Oxford
19 Bosham
20 Southampton
21 East Grinstead
22 Sheffield

What People Say About Our Programmes

“Since attending the course I have been incredibly calm.  The weekend was very well worth the time, effort, and expense. I realised how group therapy is an excellent mechanism to resolve your personal problems. That was worth the entry fee in itself!”

Steve, January

“There is nothing I can think of to improve this course. Everything was so good. This has been a life saver for me. From the initial thought of needing to do the course, to the interaction with the facilitators, to getting here. The content of the course has been inspirational.  I only regret I didn’t learn this stuff when younger – it really should be taught at schools. Thank you.”

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