BA-AM offers specialist ONE-TO-ONE COUNSELLING for adults, couples, young people and families.

Its purpose is to fill the gap left by many practitioners who are reluctant to concentrate on anger and stress issues. The feeling among counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists has been that anger is a ‘secondary’ emotion, a distraction from the ‘real’ issues confronting their clients.  Most often, they sidestepped anger because of its perceived volatility, intensity and destructive potential.

Typically, anger was medicated out of existence, denied or punished. One symptom of mismanaged anger stems from suppression. People hold back their anger completely until it builds out of control and explodes, invariably at the wrong time and for the wrong reason. The headlines are full of these events: child abuse, domestic violence, suicide, homicide, mass murder.

Your anger is expensive. It could cost you your job, your friends and your self respect.

About BA-AM

BA-AM will deal with various aspects of anger and the difficulties it creates.  The process begins with identifying the situations that trigger anger; from more benign expressions of anger to the type that are out of proportion to the presenting problem. When you really engage in the process of looking at your anger, you give yourself permission to feel the unpleasant feelings driving it. By so doing you give yourself a choice: a more constructive way of relieving frustration and then a healthier way to manage a situation.

It’s difficult to acknowledge that people who mismanage their anger are also in pain. We will look at how to stop behaving in ways that make situations more hurtful.  People keep making the same mistakes because no one ever told them what their other options are. They come in to our clinics feeling discouraged and unable to cope. They leave with many new choices and new tools feeling more equipped and willing to try them out on their jobs or at home with their spouses, parents, or their children. The more successes they have, the better their relationships become, and the better they feel about themselves.

Using the Aggression Prevention Training (APT) system of coaching, we replace years of self-doubt with self-respect, discouragement with encouragement, fear with courage, negative control with positive empowerment, and insecurity with security within oneself. It does not take twelve years on a couch. We do not have that kind of time and neither do you!

Empower yourself with BAAM’s techniques. We teach people how to use an angry situation to strengthen our most important and most overlooked relationship, i.e. our relationship with ourselves. We learn to stop being afraid of our anger and to start seeing negative situations as opportunities to do something productive and constructive for both ourselves and our loved ones.

Our three-prong approach to treating anger issues are:

  • We address the current anger by teaching the client to recognize anger and to validate it for themselves or in another. We also teach them how to recognize mischief, what people do to get across the point they’re angry and how not to engage in another’s mischief.Mischief is defined as doing anything that does not need to be done or saying anything that does not need to be said. In summary, by learning the definitions of anger and mischief and its purposes as well as how to recognize them, the client immediately has new anger tools to use to disengage from mischief and being baited. Anger if often like a tug of war. We teach clients that they have the choice not to pick up the rope, to do the unexpected. Another tool we teach is to “Agree to disagree”. It is a verbal form of answering that disengages the client from mischievous arguments.
  • We address the anger that people have been stuffing for years. This anger can cause them to over react to current anger. It can cause them illnesses in the present such as acid reflux, headaches, anxiety, etc. We teach them how to get rid of this built-up anger and to release it using simple but highly effective tools giving them instant relief.
  • We address the issues that cause them to stuff their anger in the first place and eventually drives them to our doors; their “attitudes” or beliefs. Unless we are able to identify and replace these mistaken attitudes, they will eventually react and find themselves in another angry outburst.
Initial Assessments via Skype or by appointment in London Victoria
Initial Assessments are not compulsory but provide you an opportunity to discuss whether this is the right route for you.
Sessions are a 50min hour and cost £200.00.
Individual Sessions – the programme
Clients are obliged to contract to sixteen, 50 minute sessions in order to complete the course.
A workbook as well as Mike Fisher’s ‘Beating Anger’ book is required for the course at a flat fee of £25.00.
All sessions need to be paid in advance or the payment plan choice provided below.
16 sessions at £200 per session including course materials. Cost: £3,225.00.
16 sessions at £275 per session including course materials. Cost: £4,425.00. 
Children and Young Adults (8 to 18 years old)
16 sessions at £200 per session including course materials. Cost: £3,225.00.
A parent needs to agree to be in the room with the child.
Before working with a young person, both parents (unless single parent family)
will be required to complete 6 x 1hr ‘Understanding Anger for Parents’ sessions. This is additional to the above 16 sessions. Cost: £1200.00.
10 sessions at £300 per 1.5 hour session. Cost: £3,000.00. 
A 50% deposit is required. 
A 10% discount is available if the full amount is paid in advance.
OR 50% payment in advance and the balance paid in monthly instalments after 6 sessions via Standing Order / Direct Debit / BACS.
The cost of the workbook and Mike Fisher’s ‘Beating Anger’ at £25.00 will be added to the first instalment as a one off charge.
Further sessions can be be negotiated after the sixteen sessions have been completed which will be discussed between you and your facilitator.
All sessions include a FREE: 
  • DVD of ‘Angry With My Father’
  • Access to an online support group

The Counselling Process

All incoming clients are evaluated to determine if there are any dual diagnoses of mental health and/or substance abuse outside of the anger issues.

If a client needs psychotropic medication, we will refer to a psychiatric practice. Likewise, if a client has medical problems, we will refer to a medical facility of the client’s choice or convenience.

During this initial process, we complete an anger and stress questionnaire and, in many cases, one on shame.

The primary reason we carry out assessments is to find out why the person is coming to the Clinic. What issues of anger are being presented and what do individual’s hope to achieve in treatment. We also ask about their history of anger and it’s within the client’s interest not to withold information. It also provides us the opportunity to explain what we offer and of how anger management is a life-skill that could benefit everyone.

We can provide full reports and documentation to fulfil rulings by The Courts, Social Services, Probation Services or any other local governmental department that mandated the person to treatment. There are added costs involved in this depending on how complex the case.

Please call the office on: 0345 1300 286 to discuss any further enquiry.