refresherDuration: 1 Day
Times:  Variable depending on clinic location
Fee: £165.00
Venue: Determined by your selected clinic location.
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This course has been specifically designed for those who have participated in one of BAAM’s programmes. Objectives for the day include:

  • Re-connect with friends from previous programmes and create new friends who will become part of your support network. Remember how important support is in your recovery?
  • Re-visit some of the key material. As you know the programmes that you previously attended were jam-packed with information. Now you can take a leisurely trip through some of the important material that you might have missed before.
  • Review what has and hasn’t worked for you. Plus, this is a great opportunity to brush up on your Anger Management skills and make sure that you have integrated the learning into your everyday life.

The course also explores advanced skills in Anger Management that are a progression of some of the material that you have already covered:

  • Golden Shadows
    As you know we only touched on golden shadows on the weekend and the ten week programme. On the refresher we develop on these ideas and help you to discover what it is you are hiding in the deep recesses of your subconscious.
  • Managing other people’s anger
    Are you working the FLOW process? How are you managing when others get angry with you? You might remember one of the essentials taught was that as you learn how to contain others around you, you learn how to express. So we offer further tools in order to remain cool calm and collected.
  • Recovering from Shame
    This is a vital part of the day, many of you might have recognized that when you did your training, you were suffering from shame. We will explore transformative ways to embrace your vulnerability and survive exposure anxiety.
  • Introducing 2 Rules of Anger Management
    We will explore the final two rules:
    1.  How to let go of your expectations
    2.  Anger by appointment and tips on how to do that