Anger in Football hits the Headlines again. It seems Joey Barton is having trouble controlling his emotions on the pitch.  Football is all good clean fun, or is it? Lets look at the triggers for Anger:

One of our triggers for Anger is the Loss of a Personal Goal (excuse the Pun!). When we are involved in Team games such a Football, tensions run high. Why? Because we all want to win, we all want goals to be scored and our team come home with the Trophy.  No more so than the professionals who are paid to deliver the goods and that puts a lot of stress on their shoulders (Trigger number 2). So add to the already competitive nature of the game the ££££’s that are invested in these guys to perform and you can understand why outbursts occur on the field.  It may be that something caused him to be angry long before he was on the pitch (Trigger no3) … Are you getting the picture yet?

I could go on all day, but the fact remains that highly paid Footballers would do well to conduct themselves in a professional manner as their outbursts are witnessed by all. Whether they like it or not they are viewed a icons to their young fans and are role models for many youngsters. As Mike Fisher says in the Guardian today – be responsible like Wayne Rooney sort it out Joey!! – see the relevant clip below:

How do you feel about this article? Can you relate to the stress and pressure that Joey is under?

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Joey Barton or Wayne Rooney? Your Choice

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