There’s been a lot written about stress, and the effects it has on the body and the mind.  This post looks at a common concern, that no matter what procedures you put in place to prevent stressful behaviour from returning, it always finds a way to creep back into your life.

Anxiety is usually the main emotion that causes stress, and the emotions below are all commonly found alongside stress symptoms; Feeling..

  • Insulted
  • Rejected
  • Harmed
  • Cheated
  • Betrayed
  • Depressed

Below are some common thoughts and emotions felt by those suffering with severe stress levels. If you notice yourself thinking or feeling any of the below thoughts, you may want to look into stress therapy to help you deal with stress.

“With all I have to put up with, I deserve to take home a few treats.”

“You want me to wash up now after the hard day I’ve had?”

“I pay so much in taxes, and they bother me about this small amount?!”

“I’m the man; you have to cook my dinner!”

“I’m the woman; you have to support me!”

These statements are all common in stress-filled households, and even if the stressors are not meaning to be angry, their wording and language use makes them appear to be in a bad mood.

Stress can be dealt with, and there are many organizations out there dedicated to helping those who struggle to manage their stress levels healthily.

Stressexperts are a new company who specialise in corporate stress management solutions. You can find them here.

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