Anger and Steroids

The effects of steroids on a persons mental well-being have been discussed a lot in the media recently, and the incident with Oscar Pistorius has caused many professionals to question the link between steroid takers and their anger levels.

Murders and aggressive attacks have often been linked to steroid use, but the way that using steroids affects your anger has often been overlooked and un-researched. It’s clear that urgent research must be carried out in order to better understand the links between steroid use and anger.

When a user enters steroids into their body, they are injecting testosterone into themselves. Whilst users may look at the physical effects as a positive, the mental issues steroid use can cause can be devastating. Many steroid users are known to have severe mental health difficulties, and regular users are often reported to develop psychosis

Steroid use generally makes people more aggressive, hostile and agitated, but this has never been linked to real anger – simply a side effect of taking the drug. In order to prevent tragedy and further attacks, research needs to be done to look at the links between steroid use and anger, and how to minimize the change of aggressive behaviour. Whilst steroid use may never be cut out completely, the sooner people realize how dangerous they can be the more lives can be saved and the more people can live a normal, happy life.

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