Duration: 1 Day
Times: Variable depending on clinic location
Fee: £135.00
Venue: Determined by your selected clinic location.
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BAAM is very pleased to announce the latest addition to our anger management workshops.

Years of experience has shown us that, left unaddressed anger does not go away it only gets worse by which time the angry person’s behaviour has become so intolerable that it leads to the breakdown of relationships in all spheres of life. Sometimes, even this is not enough to get them to do an anger management workshop no matter how cheap, close or available the course!

Too often we hear how strained their lives have become before they act on sorting out their relationship to anger. When the angry person finally gets the message that their anger is out of control it’s usually too late, their loved one has left the relationship, their job is on the line or their doctor tells them their health is at serious risk.

To help bridge the gap, this one day event is designed specifically for those individuals who recognise they have issues with anger and would very much like to have an encounter with our material before investing further money and time in attending a longer, more intense and rigorous anger control workshop.

This one day workshop looks at the following areas:

  • Why are you so angry?
  • What anger is and isn’t
  • The 5 faces of anger
  • Your Anger styles
  • Stress kills
  • Anger’s affect on the body
  • Healthy anger
  • The do’s and don’ts of anger
  • Our 3 communication styles
  • The 10 basic ingredients for managing dispute in our lives

After attending this one day introduction to anger, you can then decide whether you want to continue this journey and attend our BA1 (ten week programme) or our BA2 (weekend programme) or do one to one work with our well trained and experienced anger experts. Either way, the one day intro will give you a tremendous amount of insight into your angry behavior and just how big this subject is. We’re confident you will be inspired to learn more and add to your skills.

It is important to stress that anyone attending this programme with the idea that it will be enough to deal with their anger will be shortchanging themselves.  It is unrealistic to expect anyone to resolve their issues with anger in one day.  This intro serves as an encounter and in order to get the full benefit you will need to complete one of the Beating Anger programmes.

This one day intro will entitle you to a 15% discount on either the BA1 or BA2 programme.